The Walking Dead: 5 Characters Who Overstayed Their Welcome (And 5 Gone Too Soon)

10. Rosita Espinosa – Overstayed Their Welcome

Gene Page/AMC

Rosita Espinosa is a frustratingly one-dimensional character who has experienced minimal character development during her inexplicably long tenure on the show. Appearing in over 40 episodes Rosita is one of the most obvious choices for a character who has overstayed their welcome.

It’s quite apparent - due to her lack of any substantial storylines - that she’s been brought along for nearly half of the show’s entire existence to provide eye candy for the viewers. It is primetime television after all; even a show about survival in a post-apocalyptic zombie infested world needs sex appeal. But sex appeal alone won’t keep you in the good graces of the fans.

The one shining light in her extended tenure on the show is that we haven’t had to endure a Rosita bottle episode, so fingers crossed the show’s writers decide to finish her off before they get the urge to dedicate an hour to this unneeded character. Perhaps now that her love triangle counterpart Sasha has been killed off the show, Rosita will finally be able to grow as a character. Based upon her sparse appearances so far in season 8 however, she will likely continue her pouty routine for the foreseeable future.


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