The Walking Dead: 5 Characters Who Overstayed Their Welcome (And 5 Gone Too Soon)

I will trade you Jadis and all her trash people to get Noah back... please?


The Walking Dead has a major advantage over most television shows: in an instant they can kill off any character they choose. So when the writers run out of ideas for a specific character or fan feedback lets them know it's time for someone to go, they can make it happen - just ask Laurie Grimes. But with the power of instant death comes great responsibility. In a show focused nearly entirely on interpersonal dynamics and character development, timing is paramount when killing off a character.

Unfortunately some characters get stuck in Walking Dead limbo, when they are no longer needed from a storyline perspective or simply not connecting with fans but are kept alive and on our screens by the writers for reasons unknown. These characters who have overstayed their welcome become a nuisance to many, eating up valuable screen time while providing little to the overall quality of the show.

Other times the writers pull the trigger on the death of a character too soon, depriving us fans of some great potential story arcs. These characters live on in our hearts, but what if they were afforded more time on the show? What great story opportunities were left untold?


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