The Walking Dead: 50 Best Deaths

Seven seasons. One big pile of bodies.


It's now been a little over three months since The Walking Dead concluded its seventh season, a critically tumultuous year that began and ended in typical TWD fashion: With blood and violence.

True to form, season seven saw the deaths of several major characters and a whole host of minor characters. But at this point in the show's run it takes a lot to make the exit of any character as powerful, devastating, or even satisfying as those that have already long been a part of the show's legacy.

From Atlanta to Alexandria, we've seen countless heroes and villains - and everyone in between - lose their lives in the ongoing battle for survival, and many deaths will remain memorable to fans thanks to their narrative and/or emotional impacts for years to come.

(Warning: this article contains spoilers for all seven seasons of The Walking Dead.)

50. Jim


The Episode: Wildfire

How It Happened: During the walker attack on the Atlanta camp, Jim was bitten, a fact he kept to himself until Jacqui figured it out and exposed him. Though the group tried to find a way to save him by getting him to the CDC, the journey there proved to be too much, and Jim asked to be left on the side of road to die (and turn) alone.

Why It Was Great: Jim's death was notable for being the first time we witnessed someone get bit and slowly succumb to its effects, and it wasn't pleasant.


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