The Walking Dead: 8 Characters Who Should Die In Season 8

The casualties of war...


The Walking Dead returns to our screens for an eighth season on October 22nd, poised to come back swinging after an underwhelming run last winter.

The trailer for the latest instalment of the post-apocalyptic drama forecasts the all-out warfare promised to us at the conclusion of the seventh season, enhancing the consistent series narrative that it is the living, and not the dead, who are the true enemy.

We last saw Rick Grimes, flanked by an alliance of Hilltop Colony and The Kingdom, swearing rebellion against The Saviours after a season of repression under Negan’s twisted rule. Negan too told his followers that they were going to war to defend the empire they had built.

Rick and company have already learned the hard way that there are casualties to every war - losing Glenn, Abraham and Sasha to The Saviours in season seven - and a conflict that could last the entirety of the upcoming run is sure to add to the body count in mass.

Heroes, villains and those in between are all on the chopping block, but whose time in this zombie-infested world should come to an end in season eight?


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