The Walking Dead: 8 Dumbest Moments In Rick's Last Episode

AMC have officially jumped the shark.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead sent off its lead character with the latest episode, What Comes After, showing Rick Grimes going out in a blaze of glory after blowing up a bridge and sending thousands of walkers to fiery graves. While the episode had been teased for weeks as being Rick's swan song though, he didn't actually die on that bridge, but rather washed up on the side of the river and was whisked away to god-knows-where, alive and ready to star in three movies.

It was a decision most didn't see coming, for sure, but that doesn't mean it was actually any good. For the most part, Rick's final episode on the flagship show was an absolute stunner; primed with some of the best emotional storytelling the show has seen in years. It was a love-letter to fans who have invested into this world and Grimes' story since he woke up in the hospital bed in Days Gone Bye. Until it wasn't, anyway.

The episode has divided fans, because while much of it was well-crafted TV, there was an equal amount of material that left everyone thinking "what the f**k is going on."


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