The Walking Dead: 8 Plot Twists Nobody Will See Coming In Season 8

Creeping up on you.


Battle lines were drawn at the end of The Walking Dead's seventh season as Rick Grimes and his militia took the fight to Negan and The Saviors.

It was a fight many dark episodes in the making, but all-out war is coming, and in a show where your favourite character's head can be cracked open with a barbed wire-covered baseball bat at any moment, nobody knows who's going to make it through the next season alive, or what will be left of them.

Potential casualties aren't the only aspect of the zombie show that has fans speculating like crazy. There are so many lingering mysteries in this post-apocalyptic world: What was with that weird flash-forward in the trailer? Who will remain loyal to Rick? And how exactly will the show crossover with Fear the Walking Dead?

The answers to all of these questions are never straightforward and those who think they can turn to the comic books for hints and spoilers are sadly mistaken, since the series has deviated from the source material so much already.

There are bound to be a few twists in store when fire meets gasoline in season 8, and fans better have their sh***ing pants handy if any of these come to pass.


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