The Walking Dead Season 3: 11 Iconic Comic Moments We Most Likely Won’t See

Warning: Major spoilers from the comics ahead. Do not read if you don’t want to be spoiled. I read an…

Christopher Robertson


Warning: Major spoilers from the comics ahead. Do not read if you don’t want to be spoiled.

I read an old IGN magazine article with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. This interview took place when The Walking Dead was already far into its story. The interviewer asked if he ever thought The Walking Dead would be as popular as it is. Kirkman responded that he was certain his series would be cancelled after a few issues. He would try to cram as many plot points he could in a single issue. Nine years since it’s inception, The Walking Dead has taken over the world.

A lot of us readers know that the show is not on the level of the graphic novel. Anyone who expected so was extremely disappointed. A major reason for this is that the graphic novel is allowed to explore themes or show graphic scenes that is not allowed on television. If this show was on HBO or Showtime, there would be a greater chance of the comic’s iconic scenes allowed. The show has deviated from comics that less graphic scenes probably won’t be shown either.

Before we begin I want readers to know that I will be adding in a “How We Could See It” sub-category  “Iconic Comic Moments We Most Likely Won’t See on the Show and How We Could See Them” would be way too long of a title. Let’s get started:

11. The Governor Cuts Off Rick’s Hand

A helicopter crashes down near the prison. Rick, Glenn, and Michonne investigate it. Their investigation leads them to the town of Woodbury. There they meet the Governor, a friendly man who tries to help them. Soon he reveals his true nature and chops Rick’s hand off.

Why We Won’t See It: The T.V. Producers already stated that they will not cut Rick’s hand off. It would cut into the budget and cause problems to the writing. Robert Kirkman also stated that he regrets cutting Rick’s hand off.

How We Could See It: We already have. Merle has had his hand cut off and replaced with a weapon, Ash style.