The Walking Dead Season 6: 10 Things Episode 12 Got Right

1. Everything, 2. Everything, 3. Everything.

It's great feeling being able to say The Walking Dead has been getting a LOT of things completely right in recent weeks. Since the mid-season, the show has really stepped it up a level, and the inconsistency that has plagued it since the very beginning seems like a thing of the past - for now. Episodes vary from all-out bloodbaths to aimless filler, though I'd place 'Not Tomorrow Yet' in the 'tense thriller' category. Proceedings started slowly, but the pace built up to full-speed, culminating in a terrific raid on the Saviours' base and leaving the group with an agonising scenario to ponder. If the show keeps up the intensity between now and the season finale, it could go down as one of the brightest patches in The Walking Dead's entire run, but for now, here are 10 things that Episode 12 got absolutely right.

10. Opening AND Closing Scene

Episode 12 started perfectly and ended brilliantly. Carol is arguably the show's finest character and the first few minutes perfectly encapsulated her life. Baking cookies and butchering zombies, it's all in a day's work for Carol. And the small touch of leaving a treat on young Sam Anderson's grave was a poignant one. That was a great sequence for her character, but the final scene offered up a dire situation for her as news came across the radio that Maggie and Carol had been captured. It was a tense end to the episode after starting off on a relatively high note, and gave a good demonstration of the show's range. One minute it's an apocalyptic sitcom, the next it's an apocalyptic thriller.

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