The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale: 11 Things That Should Happen


Gene Page/AMC

Are you ready for this? The Walking Dead Season 6 finale is here, and it has serious potential to be one of the greatest episodes of the entire series, with the show's hopes pinned on one man's ability to escalate the drama to new heights.

Negan has arrived. The bat-wielding, leather-clad maniac is all set to make his debut in the TV series, and that's a line which strikes equal amounts of excitement and terror into the hearts of comic book readers. Things are about to get messy, things are about to turn nuclear.

Last Day On Earth will be a bumper-long episode, and the title alone suggests it's not going to be a happy ending for the group. There are so many enormous things that could happen in the finale, but here are some of the most crucial things that should be included as fans wave farewell to Season 6.

11. Daryl's Fate Must Be Cleared Up Immediately


There are two types of Walking Dead fans this week: those who are on the verge of throwing their fists through the TV in disgust at Daryl's 'death', and those who can see the shocking Episode 15 cliffhanger for what it is, a fake-out.

It's not impossible that Daryl was shot, but it's extremely unlikely that we've seen his genuine death. The show has a 90-minute finale to wow the fans, and it would be a shame to overshadow events with an episode devoted to the 'is Daryl dead?' story, when we quite clearly know he's coming back.

The opening scene should clear up what really happened so the finale can breathe without the weight of Daryl's fate resting on its shoulders. The Walking Dead can't waste time in the finale.


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