The Walking Dead Season 7: 10 Best Deaths

Another season down, another round of goodbyes.

Gene Page/AMC

And just like that, another season of The Walking Dead has drawn to a close. Unlike last year, the show's seventh season didn't end on a massive, infamous cliffhanger. The season as a whole, however, has been a divisive one nonetheless; full of highs and lows, moments both amazing and depressing, and, of course, another round of character deaths.

Over its run, the show has never been a stranger to death, and season seven was no exception, resolving the previous season's cliffhanger with a pair of deaths that loomed over the rest of the season and will undoubtedly continue to hang over the show for years to come.

But in typical The Walking Dead fashion, the series didn't stop with the deaths there, with friends and foes of Rick and the gang alike all meeting their ends in gruesome, shocking, exhilarating, and/or tragic ways over the course of the year.

10. Carl's Kills

Gene Page/AMC

The Episode: Sing Me a Song

How It Happened: After making a trip out to the Hilltop with Enid, Carl found himself presented with an opportunity to find out where the Saviors' main base of operations was and - even better - a chance to take out Negan. Hopping inside the back of a Savior truck, Carl waited until the last minute, surprising (and killing) a Savior named George before standing up against the group outside the truck, one of whom was killed when attempting to approach him.

Why It's On This List: Ultimately, Carl didn't get to go in guns blazing and wipe out a bunch of Saviors. But his decision to go out on what would've otherwise undoubtedly been a suicide mission, had Negan not taken an interest in him, was a notably badass move on the kid's part, even if he didn't think through the ramifications of actual success. If anything, the act helped really kick off the Negan/Carl dynamic that formed over the rest of the episode, and set off a chain of events that led Negan right back to Alexandria just in time for the midseason finale.


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