The Walking Dead Season 7: 17 Easter Eggs & References You Might've Missed

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Easter Eggs
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The world of The Walking Dead stands ready for an All Out War, but viewers are going to have to wait a while yet to actually see it happen.

The show won't be back until sometime in October, meaning we've get six months to reflect on the events of Season 7, and look forward to Season 8. And while the show's seventh season didn't hit the highs some previous years have (neither in quality nor viewership), it was once again a season stuffed full of Easter eggs and references.

The Walking Dead largely exists in a self-contained environment, but with over 100 comic books to draw upon for influence and a guiding hand, over 80 episodes of the show preceding this season, and effects guru Greg Nicotero calling so many of the shots, it does manage to pay homage to a lot of what's come before in the show and the zombie genre - and some things that are more surprisingly outside of it as well.

17. Abraham's Gesture

Abraham death The Walking Dead

We bade a sad farewell to Abraham Ford in the Season 7 premiere, with the reveal that it was he who was on the receiving end of Negan's Lucille. He went out taking it like a champ, but also managed to get a signal to his partner Sasha just before he passed.

As you can see, he throws up the two finger peace sign in her direction. It's something the couple had been using between them for a while in various episodes, even before they were romantically involved, with the first instance coming way back in Season 5, before it reappeared towards the end of Season 6.

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