The Walking Dead Season 7: 6 Things You Definitely Missed In Episode 4

What DID Daryl say in morse code?


The Walking Dead is now at the quarter point of Season 7 and yes, you guessed it, Negan is still running Rick and the gang into the ground with a malicious streak that makes The Governor seem like a pretty reasonable dude.

The Saviours asserted their power over the main group as a cult-hero was hauled back to Alexandria in a sorry state. However, in truly remarkable fashion, Daryl Dixon may have just saved Daryl Dixon's life in the most subtle way imaginable...

'Yay, Spencer is back!' - said nobody, ever. Not a single person on the face of the Earth missed Spencer but his overpowering idiocy may have blinded you to a few clever moments, nods to the future and fun throwbacks in Season 7 Episode 4, including Daryl's moment of magic that will surely save his bacon in episodes to come...

6. The Numbers


When can you tell a show's creators have way too much time on their hands? When they start needlessly throwing in random numbers to supply 'things you missed' articles with content, of course.

Here we see the number 74 on a house behind an even creepier-than-usual Father Gabriel. While you were distracted by Gabby's unwavering weirdness, you didn't even give the numbers a second glimpse, and certainly didn't realise that they stood for Season 7, Episode 4. 74.


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