The Walking Dead Season 7: 6 Ups And 4 Downs From 'Say Yes'

Say yes to a lot more of Rick and Michonne. Say no to more of Rosita's plan.

The Walking Dead Say Yes Ups Downs
Gene Page/AMC

After last week's episode took a deeper dive into The Sanctuary, focusing on Dwight, Eugene, and Negan, we're back here to the show's central characters, or some of them anyway.

The majority of Say Yes is focused on Rick and Michonne, following them as they spend some time away from Alexandria on the hunt for the guns they owe the Scavengers and food they badly need for themselves (and the Saviours).

Their travels take them to an abandoned fairground/military base (now there's a combination), and provides a more light-hearted adventure than we're used to from The Walking Dead. Elsewhere, Rosita is still struggling with the idea of waiting to take on Negan and the Saviours, while Tara is still wrestling with whether or not to tell the truth about Oceanside.

It makes for a mostly entertaining episode, continuing the improvements the show has made in the second half of Season 7, although it wasn't without a few issues along the way.

(Warning: contains spoilers for Say Yes from beyond this point.)

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