The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 3: 7 Things You Missed

Out of ideas? Negan has plenty of irons in the fire.


Daryl Dixon is very quickly becoming the whipping boy for The Walking Dead, thrown into turmoil, trauma and tension at every opportunity.

Season 7 Episode 3 introduced fans to a whole new location and an entire new way of life to observe and learn from. The Saviours are a brutal force but there are twisted logical methods to their madness.

The truth is you were probably driven to insanity by 'Easy Street' to the point where you missed out on a few subtle yet intriguing moments that nod back to previous episodes and hint at what may be to come.

Don't fret, here's a full roundup of every moment you may have missed from Episode 3. "We're on easy street... And it feels so sweet..."

7. Ominous Lyrics


The Walking Dead has always enjoyed delicious musical moments and Season 7 has been no different. Episode 3 included a handful of brilliantly selected songs for the perfect moments.

The show boomed Who's The Boss followed by the equally apt Town Called Malice. Here's a sample of the lyrics from the latter:

"Better stop dreaming of the quiet life, cause it's the one we'll never know. And quit running for that runaway bus, cause those rosey days are few. And stop apologising for the things you've never done, cause time is short and life is cruel. But it's up to us to change this town called Malice."


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