The Walking Dead Season 8: 4 Ups And 3 Downs From 'The King, The Widow, And Rick'

1. And Rick

The Walking Dead Jadis Rick
Gene Page/AMC

After some strong showings for Rick in the past few weeks, from a brief reunion with Morales to a scuffle with Daryl, things take a turn for the worse in this episode. We follow him down a seemingly empty road, but before you know it we're at the junkyard home of the Scavengers, with the former Sherrif locked inside a container.

Rick's trying to win Jadis and co back to his side, despite the fact they massively betrayed him once already and even before then clearly couldn't be trusted, but so far they're not bothering.

It marks the first appearance of the season for Pollyanna McIntosh, who was bumped up to a series regular for this year, and her Jadis has not been missed. They still feel unnecessarily odd and overly out-of-place in this world, and the show had been ticking along well enough - and with enough different characters and storylines to get through - without the re-emergence of the Scavengers. Rick's plan, meanwhile, is simply going over ground the show covered a lot in the back-half of Season 7, and at present only disrupts any momentum his war against Negan had.

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