The Walking Dead Season 8: 5 Ups And 3 Downs From 'Some Guy'


5. You Look Like Sh*t

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes
Gene Page/AMC

For the third week in a row we get the Rick and Daryl team-up, and while it's more of a brief interlude than the previous two it's still an entertaining showcase of their talents.

The car/bike chase sequence injects the episode with an extra dose of action and energy that it might otherwise have been lacking, and allows Rick to channel his inner action hero as he leaps from one car to another.

It's a cool, fun scene that doesn't go on too long, and helps tie up the issue of the Saviours getting their hands on the guns. Daryl's line at the end of it all, telling Rick he "look[s] like sh*t", just caps it off nicely.


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