The Walking Dead Season 8: 5 Ups And 3 Downs From 'Some Guy'

"Thank you, Your Majesty... for being such a cool dude."

The Walking Dead Jerry
Gene Page/AMC

All Out War, and with it The Walking Dead's eighth season, has hit something of a stumbling block in recent weeks. After coming out of the gate fairly quickly with Mercy, the following two episodes - The Damned and Monsters - left something to be desired.

It hasn't been bad, exactly, but rather a little boring. For what's supposed to be one of the series' most exciting, action-packed arcs, it's all been a little listless, broken up by pockets of great character moments and a more hopeful tone.

Some Guy once again keeps the focus on the good guys in the war against Negan (who once again has to sit things out while trapped in a shelter with Father Gabriel), picking things up after the cliffhanger ending of the attack on Ezekiel and his soldiers from the Kingdom. Last week featured more of the Widow and the Man from Alexandria, but this is squarely about the King.

Is it just more of the same, or does it get All Out War back on track? Let's take a look (warning: contains spoilers for The Walking Dead - Some Guy).

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