The Walking Dead Season 8: 6 Reasons To Be Excited (& 3 To Be Worried)

Reasons To Be Excited...

6. Getting The Gang Back Together

The Walking Dead Carol Daryl

The Walking Dead has some great characters at its disposal, a number of whom have years of shared history and development. It's often frustrating to see these then kept apart, which happened frequently in Season 7.

Season 8, which sees the various communities teaming up to take on the Saviours, should largely be able to avoid this problem. Building on the Season 7 finale, there's a real chance to get the band back together in a way we haven't really seen for far too long.

Carol and Daryl will be reunited again, Maggie's back in the thick of the action, so too is Morgan, Michonne is back on her feet, and Rick can once more work with all of these old favourites, along with some of the newer stars - Ezekiel, Jesus - getting more time with the main players too.

With the exception of Rick, all of those were pushed to one-side for large portions of Season 7 (Maggie, for example, appeared in the premiere and then not again until episode 5), but with them all now on the same page, doing justice by its fan-favourites should be an easier task, and one with great rewards.

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