The Walking Dead Season 8: 6 Reasons To Be Excited (& 3 To Be Worried)

The series is heading for All Out War, but will the conflict get things back on track?

The Walking Dead Season 8
AMC/Image Comics

The Walking Dead's eighth run is coming off the back of one of its worst seasons yet. Season 7 saw the show's viewership drop from a ridiculously high 17m in the premiere to the 5-year-low finale ratings of just over 11m (which is still very good, but a big loss for such a record shattering show).

The series was maligned by critics, a lot of fans were unhappy, and on the whole it was a struggle to watch, whether that was because of its overly sadistic nature or (more pertinently) just the simple fact it was rather dull.

Season 8, though, has a chance to rectify that. A problem with 7 is that it was all setup for this year's All Out War arc, and now that conflict is here. The Comic-Con trailer was a delight, the coming story is huge, and all the right noises are being made.

There are still causes for concern, largely due to knowing those past mistakes, and yet - maybe foolishly, but time will tell - there are a lot of reasons to get excited for The Walking Dead once again.

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