The Walking Dead Season 9: 10 Big Questions We Need Answers To

10. How Will The Other Survivors Escape?


The ending of the mid-season finale was really quite something. However, you were likely very busy mourning the loss of Jesus to realise that Eugene, Michonne, Aaron and Daryl are still out in the foggy woods, surrounded by a new enemy.

The Whisperers revealed themselves to the group, before making their mark and murdering Jesus in cold blood, leaving our survivors in a state of shock. As cliffhangers go, this is truly one of The Walking Dead's finest.

Now that we've all processed the disturbing events of Evolution, the question is whether or not these key characters will get out of their horrifying predicament.

While we'll have to wait until February to know for definite, the preview for the upcoming second half of the season seems to suggest that they do in fact make it back to Hilltop. If this is the case, then it begs the question of how exactly they manage to escape with their lives intact, now that we know what The Whisperers are capable of? We'll have to wait and see.


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