The Walking Dead Season 9: 2 Ups & 3 Downs From ‘Omega’

Alpha's arrival is the only thing of interest in this disappointing instalment of the AMC series.

The Walking Dead Alpha

Contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 9, Episode 10.

The Walking Dead returned from its mid-season hiatus last week with a pretty lacklustre episode. The hit AMC series had been on a bit of a roll prior to this, but Adaptation stopped this progression dead in its tracks - although it did leave plenty of questions.

Omega is another slower instalment, and deals primarily with the Hilltop gang's attempts to extract crucial information about The Whisperers from their hostage, Lydia. The grunt work of such a task falls on Henry, but Daryl also makes a few contributions to the cause as well.

While all of the action takes place at Hilltop, Lydia's backstory isn't the only thing of interest, as Magna, Yumiko and the other newbies head out in search of Luke and Alden - both of whom never returned home after their jaunt into the wilderness in the previous episode.

While Omega does offer a lot of new information to viewers, the instalment ultimately falls victim to several of The Walking Dead's usual traits, from glacially slow narrative progression, to the increased focus on characters we've yet to care about.


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