The Walking Dead Season 9: Predicting Who Lives And Who Dies

Will Rick Grimes die? Can Negan live? Will TWD S9 dare take Jerry away from us?!

Walking Dead Carol Ezekiel

Somehow, despite it only being the beginning of October, the return of The Walking Dead is upon us.

The earlier start date isn't the only change for the series, which is undergoing its biggest overhaul in years as it attempts to freshen things up and combat its rapidly declining ratings.

There's a new showrunner, with Angela Kang replacing Scott Gimple (who has been in that position since Season 4), a bunch of new cast members, including Samantha Morton and Dan Fogler, and even a new opening credits sequence. Complete with a time jump of around 18 months and a couple of major cast departures on the horizon, it's all change for the show except in one core way: lots of people are still going to die, but just who'll bite the dust - or rather, be bitten by the dust - in Season 9?

21. Alpha

The Walking Dead Rick Alpha
AMC/Image Comics

One of a number of new additions to the show for Season 9, it’s difficult to say someone is going to die before they’ve even arrived.

As the leader of the Whisperers, Alpha is quite literally dead meat walking. She has a decent run in the comics, and the Whisperers are big enough to last until Season 10. As the show’s new primary antagonist, however, she should have a fair bit of life on series, especially as her proper introduction likely won’t happen for a few episodes, even if her arrival is seeded before then.

Prediction: Lives

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