The Walking Dead Spin-Off Leak: 7 Things To Know About Cobalt

Most importantly, is it going to be more like Joey or Frasier?

It seems years since someone first tentatively suggested a companion series to The Walking Dead, and the virus - as it were - has been in gestation for a frustratingly quiet period, with focus still firmly on the main show. That's inevitable: why distract from the A game with something new? But now more news is beginning to drip out: the cast has been confirmed and Noah Emmerich - who of course played the CDC's Dr. Edwin Jenner in the main show - says he's intrigued by the idea of returning to the spin-off, despite the fact that Robert Kirkman has resisted calls to tie the two shows together more closely (the same thing AMC seem to be battling with Better Call Saul in fact). As of yet, more concrete things like the release date are unconfirmed, with rumours that it will land during the Walking Dead's off season (it would make sense to fill the calendar for fans who are notoriously antsy about waiting for new episodes), but things will surely start to gain a bit more momentum with a tentative airing slot at least suggestively in sight. So what of the latest "concrete" information? Thanks to Bleeding Cool, a copy of the pilot's script has hit the net (and been swiftly removed), and while some have avoided spoiling specific details as much as possible, there is a very real image of how the show will look when it eventually is unleashed. And it all looks very intriguing indeed... Inevitably there are some potential spoilers.

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