The West Wing: 10 Greatest Ever Moments

Let's take a snappy walk and talk through The West Wing's most iconic moments.


The West Wing has been off our screens for 11 years now, but for many of us it remains the high watermark for political TV drama. The show ran for 7 seasons, and while the entire run is thoroughly gripping stuff, there's a definite golden period between Seasons 1-4 when Aaron Sorkin was still at the helm and the show was utterly peerless.

Few other shows can match it for sheer re-watchability, and with every run through you undertake a new favourite episode can emerge.

In the current political climate however, where division is rife and it’s no exaggeration to suggest that a lot of people aren't especially enamoured with the current administration, the White House of Jed Bartlet takes on a whole new dimension of entertaining liberal escapism.

It's therefore arguably the perfect time to look back at some of the show's finest ever moments.

Part of the show's strength lies in its ability to provide both intense drama and genuinely funny comedy. As a result of this blend, it means that any look back at the show's defining scenes will include an impressive array of moments ranging from the joyous and inspiring, to the heartfelt and heartbreaking, as well of course as an unexpected sojourn in the world of cartography.


A freelance TV and Film writer based in Manchester.