The X-Files: 15 Creepiest Creatures

8. The Bat Creature

Appeared in: Season 8, Episode 3 - "Patience" When David Duchovny opted to appear only part-time in the eighth season of The X-Files, producers knew that they had to do something to make up for the pronounced absence of Fox Mulder. As a result, they brought in Terminator 2 alum Robert Patrick to play a new FBI agent assigned to the X-Files, the better-than-you-remember John Doggett - and they also opted to get back to the show's dark, creepy, paranormal roots, something they had moved away from by doing more light-hearted, quirky, comedy-filled episodes of the show's seventh season. An early success at returning to the realm of the scary was season eight's "Patience" - in which Doggett and Dana Scully begin investigating a death in which the killer seems to have both human and animal aspects. That killer turns out to be a human bat, and that is of course where the creep factor comes in. Batman aside, bats are very foreign to us. As a winged mammal (an abnormality in itself), they operate by echolocation, are known to carry disease (rabies, SARS), and generally creep many people out. Remember the scene in The Goonies where they burst up out of the fireplace? The screams of "rabies!" sticks out to this day. Now add the fact that you've got a giant, humanoid bat creature who isn't exactly keeping the streets of Gotham safe, but instead killing off hunters who once attempted to bag it... yeah. That will give you chills.
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