The X-Files: 5 Episodes That Could Be Made Into Movies


The X-Files, a television juggernaut of the nineties that brought paranormal enjoyment to millions of us on a weekly basis for nine seasons and a twisting, patient storyline that kept most hooked to the end. Week in, week out the dynamic duo of FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully fought monsters both metaphorical and actual in their consuming quest for answers. The truth was out there, but would it ever be unravelled from the web of conspiracy and cover-up surrounding it? On top of all this, would brilliant believer Mulder and studiously sexy Scully ever get together? It spawned 202 episodes, two feature films and two spin-off shows, and behind all this were a creative team of writers and producers such as Chris Carter, Vince Gilligan, Frank Spotnitz, Kim Manners, and James Wong to name a few. For some, one of the best television shows of all time; some of the stories behind its Monster-of-the-Week episodes were simply excellent and could develop into full-length feature films if given the chance, not of The X-Files but on their own. Read on and I€™ll give five picks I feel could do so much more...

5. Detour

Season 5, Episode 4


Descending into the woods after getting stopped at a roadblock whilst headed for a team-building course, Mulder, with recovering Scully in tow, decides to get involved with the disappearances of some local people in the woods. Resultantly, they end up trekking into the wilderness with an experienced tracker and techno-geek in search of the missing, only to find themselves in the same trap as the people they€™re trying to help, being hunted by an invisible foe that has evolved to perfectly hunt in the forest. This leaves them very much on the back foot as they struggle to escape after their tracker disappears, and is a Monster-of-the-Week episode very fitting of the name. Combining the aspects of a hostile environment, being under-equipped, injured, unable to call for help and against a formidable, territorial enemy they can neither see nor predict, this is a story of people entering the seemingly harmless local forests only to find themselves in a tense, life-or-death battle to get back out. I know people will mention that there€™s another forest story I should mention, but I€™ll get to that.
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