The X-Files: 5 Episodes That Could Be Made Into Movies

3. The Pine Bluff Variant

Season 5, Episode 18


With very real-world relevance, this story is one of terrorism and biological warfare, working undercover and against the clock. Scully suspects Mulder to be a traitor to the FBI as he lets a terrorist suspect slip away from a significant force of agents at a sting operation, especially as he dodges her questions and refuses to discuss it. Mulder is in fact working under cover to infiltrate a terrorist group, who have access to a revolutionary biological agent that can dissolve human tissue in large groups and with intent to spread the pathogen. After a test in a movie theatre on unsuspecting members of the public, their plans go ahead as they move to release the toxic agent, committing a fake bank robbery. Accused of being a mole in the operation due to his intimate relationship with partner Scully, Mulder€™s life is at stake, only for it to turn out there€™s another undercover operative at work, and the hands of the US Government. In a paranoid world where terrorism is high on the agenda for security worldwide, this tale of biological weapons threatening people completely unprepared for attack, undercover operations, testing of long-standing trust and someone bigger pulling the strings could easily be turned into a hard hitting thriller to munch our popcorn to€just not the stuff they had in this particular movie theatre.
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