Titans Season 1: 4 Ups & 0 Downs From 'Together'

Titans finally unites its core heroes in what was easily its best episode yet.

Titans Robin Together
Warner Bros.

Contains spoilers from Titans Season 1, Episode 5.

DC's Titans has been telling us a rather slow-paced story, sparingly using its characters and making its viewers wait for integral plot points. While it has proven to be effective thus far, primarily enticing us with Rachel Roth's (Raven) mysterious origins, it finally came to an end in this week's outing, as the appropriately titled 'Together' moved the story forward significantly.

After the events of last week's encounter with the Doom Patrol, Dick, Rachel, Kory and Gar were finally in the one place at the same time and, as a result, they were, for the most part, given an equal amount of screen-time. So, as they got to know more about each other, we got to know more about them.

With The Nuclear Family on their trail, the foursome was forced together for the first time - and the result was nothing short of thrilling. 'Together' was well-written, well-structured and incredibly effective as it delivered what was undoubtedly the strongest episode of the series so far, and introduced us to one of the most iconic of DC's characters. Contains spoilers.

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