10 Craziest Christmas Moments In TV History

Some very figgy puddings indeed.

Katy Perry Simpsons

Placing a tree in the middle of your home and sticking two fingers up at an environment of wrapping paper is pretty crazy if you look at it, yet every year no-one thinks twice about throwing environmental caution to the wind. That's before we even mention the essential barminess of leaving a sock out in the hope Santa sticks his hand down it.

It's at times like these your poor, bloated brood really needs something to take their minds off all that good cheer and pesky peace on Earth. For this, they always look to TV. The gogglebox is the great leveller at Christmas. It's a proven fact, or at least highly likely, that incidents of household-related violence went down 90% on Jesus€™s birthday once that little glowing box became a part of peoples' lives. It's the window through which many of us seek to escape the grinding seasonal monotony of booze, birds (as in turkey sandwiches) and festering family feuds.

So it's only right that sometimes TV reflects that basic nuttiness with offerings that make you wonder if producers had been at the brandy butter the day they came up with them. Why not dive into the pool of preposterousness early with this rundown of telly moments that make the concept of flying reindeer suddenly seem less far fetched...


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