Top 5 Authors Of Star Trek Tie-in Novels

4. Christopher L. Bennett

Watching The Clock Cover Considering the scale of the universe in which Star Trek takes place, cross-overs are inevitable. In one that spans centuries (most often the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th), this is something often made easier by the Sci-Fi staple of time travel. Not least of these is Watching The Clock, a novel whose ambition is only surpassed in its accomplishments. Despite his many other novels, it is this one alone that earns Bennett a place on this list. The first of the Department of Temporal Investigations novels, it follows DTI agents Dulmur and Lucsly as they investigate what has to be the biggest temporal anomaly ever to see the light of day(s). Set largely in the 24th Century, it features characters from The Next Generation, and Titan (a novel only series following Captain Riker's command, set after Star Trek Nemesis), it mainly deals with the temporal cold war that often plagued Captain Jonathan Archer and his original Enterprise. The main thrust of the novel concludes Enterprise's long running story arc, in which Dulmur and Lucsly deal with the mysterious "Future Guy", who is here finally named (Jamran Harnoth for those of you still wondering). On the way to his apprehension however, a vast array of Star Trek's time travel episodes are also either mentioned or expanded upon. None of which are done so gratuitously however, but all fit seamlessly into the plot, which for a single novel is borderline epic.
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