We love TV here at What Culture – in fact we’re glued to ours 24/7, and despite what our mum always warned us as kids we don’t even have square eyes. Not yet anyway.

And it’s no real surprise we’re so keen on TV, it’s a good time to be a fan of the small screen. Even despite the inexplicably still-popular talent shows that take up way too much prime-time and push exceptional shows out to lesser channels or less sociable times, the airwaves were dominated in the past twelve months by fan favourite shows like The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Homeland and The Big Bang Theory, proving that genre shows are now the staple for TV fans.

And the last 12 months saw some truly awesome televisual moments, especially for those of us who happily proclaim ourselves to be geeks. And this article is celebrating the very best TV Geek moments of the year. Click next to reveal all.

  • Warning: There will be SPOILERS ahead. If you didn’t watch much TV this year and have a digital box full of catching-up to do, be warned you might find some juicy info included here that you haven’t yet watched,

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This article was first posted on January 2, 2013