Total Bellas Season Three Premiere Draws Lowest Rating In History

Quick! Somebody call the wedding back on!

Daniel Bryan S Startling Admission
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E! virtual 'reality' show Total Bellas returned for a third season this Sunday night, amidst a wave of fuss surrounding central stars John Cena and Nikki Bella's very public 'breakup'.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as though the pair's not-at-all engineered rift has helped boost interest in their docusoap, as the new series premiered to the lowest viewership in the programme's history.

Courtesy of Showbuzz Daily's number-crunchers, Sunday's episode drew a total of 517,000 viewers, down 163,000 watchers from the last season's opener.

The premiere largely centered around the Cenas-to-be showing family around their opulent new San Diego pad, ominously described by Nikki as the couple's "forever home." We also learned about John's marginally unsettling obsession with rugs, whilst Daniel Bryan made a startling confession (see above image).

The mystery over the low viewership thickens.

Throughout the show, there were hints at the 'tensions' between John and Nikki which would eventually lead to their rupture, which are 100% genuine and definitely not the result of reshoots designed to stir interest.

On the same day that these poor figures have reached E! executives, PEOPLE reported that the lovers-at-loggerheads are on the brink of reconciliation. Funny, that.

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