True Blood 6.6 Review - Don’t You Feel Me?

true blood

Do you ever wake up in the morning and wish you had four names? No? Me neither. Bellefleur sporn number 4 got just that in last night€™s episode of True Blood, introducing Adeline- Braylin- Charlene- Danica. It seems my prediction is coming into fruition slowly but surely, number 4 now has an actual name so maybe we will be seeing more of her as the season plays out.

The cliff edge we were left on after last week€™s episode thankfully played out as predicted, nobody died. Eric and pam zoned into their father daughter telepathy to get each other out of a sticky/deadly situation. I love seeing Pam and Eric working together they are a great duo in the show, unlike Eric and Nora. For some reason I cannot get on board with Nora, as sadistic as the governor€™s plan was to have Eric watch Nora die a slow and painful death (can anyone else see the hugely camp DR?), I actually really didn€™t mind. Speaking of killing off characters, I heard a rumour that someone was going to be killed this season (obvi, but someone important). I was hoping it was going to be Nora, she isn€™t missed when she doesn€™t appear in an episode and I get jealous for Pam when Eric show loves for anyone else but her. Eric trying to act human and non- vampire like have been two of the funniest moments this season, firstly earlier on in the season when he dresses up as a reporter to glamour the governor into dropping his evil plan. Secondly in last night€™s episode when he assumes the character of apparently very nerdy LAVTF soldier, FANTASTICO.

After six seasons someone finally realised how to save Terry Bellefleur from himself, by glamouring. You know, that totally new thing that vampires have been able to do THE WHOLE TIME. As soon as the decision was made to glamour Terry I knew it was going to be curtains for our favourite veteran. This episode was then spent wondering at what point he was going to be shot in the head. Terry Bellefleur was eventually shot dead, he will be missed as he was a great character with a highly relevant back story but I do think it is always a good move from the writers to shake things up. The mystery behind terry is his memories, they are the essence of his character so to take this away and have him without was never going to work.

Billith is increasingly becoming more insane as the series continues, its understood that he has the weight of the survival of all vampire kind on his cold shoulders, but he is a little over the edge lately. Having the Japanese blood synthesiser guy drain him of all his blood, so he can meet with naked Lilith for answers about the white room was a strange plan. Come on Bill put two and two together, the white room is obviously at vamp camp where the majority of vampires that you haven€™t even really noticed are missing are currently being held. Unfortunately Bills draining master plan back fired as riddle loving Lilith was unwilling to share information.

Thank godess Emma and her funions (what are funions, fake onion rings?), have been returned to Martha. I actually had a small celebration mid scene and hope that strange and somewhat pointless storyline is now over. If we are lucky, the wolves will now get a real storyline that doesn't surround running around Bon Temps/Shreveport looking for a small annoying child and eating fried chicken. We said sayonara to Emma but is it also the last of Sam Merlotte? Pack Master Alcide has banished Sam from his home, he seemed pretty serious and all yellow eyed about the threat so we are left wondering what is next for Sam and his too-much-too soon new girlfriend. With Sam having Merlotte€™s and that lovely trailer behind Merlotte€™s to live for, I'm guessing he won€™t give said prized possessions up without a fight.

You have got to love Jason finally manning up in an arena outside of the bedroom and taking charge to rescue Jessica, he is finally using the brain in his head to solve his problems and take action. Is this the new Jason? True Blood have a way of taking a twist on a character for a couple of episodes but then falling back to reality pretty quickly and having them revert back to their old ways. Jason is bound to slip up along the way, within the first five minutes of being at vamp camp Sarah best- dressed Newlin had already outsmarted him and he was rendered useless once again. It seems manning up were the words of the day, with Billith doing just that by day walking right on in to vamp camp. I love that with each episode Bill has a new super power, today€™s power€ turning the soldiers guns against one another and having them shoot each other dead with their own bullets, brilliant. As an audience we love to see Vampires act like Vampires, Bill crying for answers and going all soft on us just wasn't working. A good beheading was in order and it was fulfilled with the governor€™s head being ripped right off and ironically placed on a stone statue of himself.

Warlow and Sooki were having their own special sepia coloured moment throughout the episode, a heart to heart if you will. With Warlow enlightening Sooki of his plan and blood binding contract to turn her in to a vampire so they can feed off each other for the rest of their lives, this sounded romantic for about five seconds until you actually think about it. Warlow doesn€™t trust his vampire side not to harm Sooki once night falls so they embark on an S & M style bondage session (is there another way?), with Sooki tying him up against a tree and binding the vines with her light€ OK. Once Warlow was tied up, we knew it was going to go down. Sooki seems to be having a slight identity crisis lately between embracing her urges and burning her bra. In this episode she chose to be the Sooki who embraces her urges as she seduced the half vampire half faerie, whom she is bound to by blood as he sat tied up to a tree in a place where darkness cannot reach them€ now there€™s a sentence I never thought I would say.


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