True Blood Season 6.5 Review, F*ck The Pain Away

Episode 5 of season 6 was an absolute delight! We are officially back in full swing, order has been restored…

Holly Thomas


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Episode 5 of season 6 was an absolute delight! We are officially back in full swing, order has been restored and every character is finally back to their old self. In last night’s episode we experienced a naked Jason giving out some… brilliant one liners (where are your heads?!) and Sooki being on the receiving end of some serious supernatural danger resulting in a near death experience. In the beginning of the episode we are treated again, to Sooki’s fabulous line “get the f*ck off me or die, Warlow”. I felt what came after this was a little bit of an anticlimax, with big scary vampire Warlow declaring his not so scary love for her and revealing he is actually her saviour as her parents tried to kill her as a child.

True Blood really knows how to create layers in a narrative, throughout the series each storyline is stripped back even further to reveal a whole new twist and keep it exciting for the viewer. We knew Sooki’s mother was a little scared of her and her parents had a hard time understanding, but for them to try to kill her was a whole new twist to the story which has been developing non-stop with revelations since Season 1.

Naked Lilith is back! Which led to a whole lot of mid episode nudity and that raw sexual nature we all know and love has been firmly cemented back into this season. In true style, through a very animalistic, primal sex scene with Lilith and Warlow, it is revealed how Warlow became part vampire. Oh what a tangled web we weave! This storyline is just getting so much deeper and more enlightening as the season plays out. The episode continued its display of nudity in the form of Jason and Sarah- I’m every woman- Newlin. I absolutely love that Sarah Newlin is back, even though she is a seemingly strong woman, she needs to latch onto a man for self- assurance. Her involvement with the vamp camp and the governor is so perfect for her character, she seems to be under the impression she is running the show when in reality she has no pull and it is her man who calls the shots.

Sarah’s brief interaction with Jason was undeniably a pivotal scene in the episode, leading to Jessica questioning whether Bill/Billith/Lilith is actually the devil and subsequently leading to her imprisonment at the vamp camp. The scene developed through the classic traits of Jason starting with the hilarious one liner, “Steve turned out to be a gay vampire” to a classic Jason sex scene and finally ending in classic Jason stumbling over his words and not quite getting it right.

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I am not sold on the strange existence of the werewolves this season, I feel their storyline is a little slow and I cannot see what it is leading to. They just seem to be running around looking for Emma and beating each other, aside from Alcide (for obvious reasons) I don’t really feel the need for them to be around at all.

Hallelujah, the time has finally come for my favourite, Lafayette to be of some use. The under use of him in this season is a crime, he is a fantastic actor and such a brilliant character it really is a shame he hasn’t featured more. I am very happy he is back in the forefront in this episode and… oh wait never mind he’s been taken over by the spirit of Sookis father. Don’t you hate it when you are celebrating La La’s return and BOOM a spirit takes over his body? Was nice knowing you Lafayette.

The irony of Andy Belfeur using V to bring his one surviving daughter back to life was excellent. Jessica killing the three sisters was an important moment in this season as it has left her questioning herself and the presence of the devil. I don’t think there was any real value in four faerie daughters, the fact they didn’t have names was just a start and obviously one faerie daughter now becomes so much more appreciated and valued then the four Andy had from the beginning. She will now become a little more unique and no doubt will be hunted just like Sooki, I hope the surviving daughter will now have a stronger presence in this season.

Let’s talk about vamp camp as by the time this episode was through, nearly every cast member is being held up in there. Pam’s therapy scene was great, I love seeing Pam at her snarky best she is such a fierce character but has so much love and loyalty for Eric. Each vampire is trying to prove to the humans that they have no empathy but upon receiving the news of Willa’s imprisonment, Eric looked almost upset which leads me to believe he has feelings for her and perhaps it was an example of the empathy they do indeed have. Early on in the season, Billith predicted the death of all vampires and had a vision that they would all burn. This vision is becoming closer to reality as the white room at the camp looks a lot like the room in the vision. I have a prediction of my own, that Bill will also end up at vamp camp and they will all become frighteningly close to burning.

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Each vampire is highly vulnerable at the camp, in general as each human is learning more and more about their kind and exactly how to protect themselves and also on a personal level. We are witnessing each character experience a personal level of vulnerability as the camp begins to break them down. Jessica doubts her existence, Pam is being forced to confess truths about the only living thing she loves and Eric is slowly realising that actually, it is the humans who hold the least empathy and can be most dangerous as shown by the governor who has imprisoned his own daughter. True Blood has a sneaky way of getting the audience right into the middle of the action, so much so I find myself shouting at the television “please don’t be Pam”!! Of course it was Pam, towards the end of the episode we are left with Pam and Eric in the white room and an impending death for one of them. I am not too worried about how this will Pam (ahem) out and I hope they step up and use their vampire powers to get the hell out of there!

The final scene of the episode was a stark contrast to the first, with Sooki being drowned by the spirit of her own father, it seems as though our favourite damsel is back to her old self and is in need of some help once more. But who will come to her aid, Bill is over it and everyone else is locked away at vamp camp.

Did someone say Warlow?