Twin Peaks: The Return Premiere: 10 Callbacks And Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

We've heard that television show you like has come back in style…

Twin Peaks

At one point in time the return of Twin Peaks appeared to be dead in the water but co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost managed to resuscitate the cult classic TV series with Showtime, who aired the two-part debut on 21 May – more than 25 years after its original run.

Featuring a host of new faces and places, the premiere wholeheartedly and unapologetically embraced the thought-provoking supernatural symbolism of the genre-defying series, bringing Lynchian surrealism to the forefront and leaving fans with plenty to discuss around the water cooler.

So while you’re in the process of piecing together the clues, pour yourself a hot cup of coffee (as black as midnight on a moonless night), grab a generous slice of cherry pie and allow us to point out the subtle callbacks and hidden Easter eggs you might have missed on your initial viewing of this slow-motion murder mystery.

Warning: spoilers ahead, click with caution.


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