Ultimate Spider-Man: 5 Reasons You Should be Watching

4. It€™s a Fun Show


The obvious difference between Ultimate Spider-Man and every other animated Spider-Man series is the focus on humor. I could see how some might find this distracting, but Spider-Man has always been funny. I find the series€™ tone very charming - it€™s Scott Pilgrim meets Spider-Man. Ultimate Spider-Man breaks the fourth wall in clever ways and is the first Spider-Man show that€™s actually funny instead of a show that gives Spider-Man some lines that are supposed to be funny. He still fights his rogue€™s gallery, he still shoots webs, and he still believes that with great power comes great responsibility. It€™s a different incarnation of Spider-Man, but if you enjoyed the fantastic Ultimate Spider-Man run by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley, the tone shouldn€™t be that drastic of a leap for you.

Cristian Duran is a New York based stand-up comedian and writer. A pop culture junkie, he aims to one day become Batman