The Walking Dead: 10 Questions And Answers To Current Mysteries

These questions are burning in fan minds across the globe. Here, we answer them...

Since invading our homes in October 2010, the Walking Dead has been a megabit that has just gained popularity with each passing season. Whether you're a super fan of all things zombies or simply find yourself tuning in week after week to see what happens next, the Walking Dead is captivating in the sense that it asks the most basic questions: Would you do anything it takes to survive in a post apocalyptic world after society has collapsed? What would it take to protect those that you care about? How quickly would people hold onto their moral obligations or most inept feelings of what is right and wrong? Would there be pockets of people that band together or would we revert to our animalistic instincts and only seek to preserve our own existence? This is what the Walking Dead is really about. When new characters are introduced to the show our first thoughts are always whether or not they can be trusted. Putting basic survivalist and morality aside and looking at the story that has unraveled thus far, fans have raised a number of questions from season one up until where we are now. Fans can only hope that any questions which are asked will be answered and that by the time the Walking Dead has run its course, everything will be answered from the beginning. Here are few questions and answers that are burning in fan minds across the globe.

Honourable Mention: Who's Cutting The Grass?

I had a conversation with a co-worker and friend of mine and told her I was working on this piece and asked her what mysteries she wanted answered. No lie, her reply was that she wanted to know who was cutting the grass during the zombie apocalypse! Of course my first initial response was laughter but upon further thought and consideration, it dawned on me that this was an excellent question. If we assume that the apocalypse kicked off in 2010 and that it's been roughly a year and half since the beginning of the show, the grass either grows really slow down south or there's a massive herd of zombie cows still roaming around and chomping away. Silly I know, but great enough for an honourable mention in my opinion!

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