The Walking Dead Season 4: 5 Things That Need To Happen Next

Those things that absolutely need to happen when the show finally returns to our screens in February.

The Walking Dead has a history of relying on cliffhangers. The showrunners seem to understand that more than zombies are required to maintain an audience. We've had the CDC doors mysteriously opening just in time, a horde of Walkers shambling toward the farm, Daryl being captured in Woodbury, the Governor stalking Michonne and Hershel...manipulation of sympathy for fan favorites aside, cliffhangers are usually both thrilling and frustrating in The Walking Dead.

Never before in the show's three and a half years has there been a cliffhanger such as that of the midseason finale of Season 4. In "Too Far Gone," the prison fell. A character's disembodied head may have zombified. A baby may have been devoured. Real injuries were inflicted. Characters were separated into very unlikely new groups, heading out unprotected and unprepared into the domain of the Walkers. As soon as the episode ended, fans were already excitedly clamoring for the next installment.

Unfortunately, "Too Far Gone" was the final episode before a hiatus, and we've had two months already to think of all of the plot twists that we want to happen in the second half of the season. Whether we are hoping for someone to recover or a romance to bloom or a zombie to eat a particular character alive, we've had a lot of time to come up with some fun theories. Still, there are some things that absolutely need to happen when the show finally returns to our screens in February.

Here are five of them.

Note: This is an entirely spoiler-free look at the rest of Season 4.


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