The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale: 10 Things That Must Happen

With only two episodes left this season, will the characters be able to reunite at Terminus?

The fourth season of The Walking Dead began with the characters living in the safety of the prison, as they tried to build new, stable lives for themselves. Walkers were no longer of much concern, and some characters had even attempted to humanize them. But with the Governor's attack on the prison in the mid-season finale, Rick and the other characters were forced to flee the prison and became separated from each other in their escapes. Rick and Carl managed to escape together with Rick badly injured from his fight with the Governor, and Michonne later found them staying at a deserted house. The three began walking on a set of railway tracks and saw maps showing "Terminus", a place where "those who arrive, survive." Rick has decided that they should head there, in hopes of finding that some of the others were able to make it out of the prison attack alive too. Maggie, Bob and Sasha were forced to leave others behind and leave the prison together, and have seen the maps for Terminus as well. Glenn is stuck with Tara, a woman who fought alongside the Governor in the prison attack, but he has seen the maps for Terminus and is determined to get there and find Maggie. Tyreese, Carol and a few other characters are all on their way to the prison as well, believing that they will be safe there, and possibly even find their friends from the prison. But with only two episodes left this season, will the characters be able to reunite at Terminus? A fifth season has already been ordered, ensuring that the characters will be continuing in their fight for survival. Here are the 10 things that must happen in the Season 4 finale.

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