Westworld Season 2: 10 Biggest Twists, Theories & Questions From 'Journey Into Night'

The game will find you.

Westworld Journey Into Night

After over a year away - one filled with theories, speculation, and Reddit-baiting Rickrolls featuring a dog at a piano - HBO's Westworld is back to once again mess with our heads.

The Season 2 premiere, Journey Into Night, picks up shortly after the massacre that saw the first season go out with such a bang, although of course, this being Westworld, it's not quite that simple.

The opener isn't quite the instant classic its pilot was, succumbing to a few of the pitfalls of a more standard premiere, which has to be concerned with table setting and recapping, rather than the $25m blockbuster that The Original was. Still, it's a good example of the form, and nicely picks up the stories of Dolores (who is now Wyatt), Maeve (who is now free), Bernard (who used to be Arnold), and the Man in Black (who is William).

The show is once again working on multiple temporalities, and while not as deliberately obfuscating as Season 1 was the narrative is still designed to leave us with a host of questions and theories, to go with some of the big twists the episode delivers as well. Contains spoilers.

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