Westworld Season 2: 10 Biggest Twists, Theories & Questions From 'Reunion'

10. Dolores In The Real World - Or Is She?

Westworld Dolores

Reunion opens up with a brand new twist: Dolores in the real world. Set over 30-years in the past, Arnold Weber has taken his favourite host out of the park, and even to his home, although she's not really ready for it.

This is part of a sales pitch to Delos, although it's ultimately Angela who is used for that instead. However, in a broader sense, it means we get to see that not only has Dolores left the park before - something she's aiming to do again - but also further confirmation of its location, as street signs in Chinese again hint at the park being an island in the South China Sea.

That is, of course, IF all of this is the real world. It's certainly presented as such, but nothing is ever straightforward in Westworld, so this could be FutureWorld or some other park rather than actual reality.

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