Westworld Season 2: 10 Crucial Things That MUST Happen

Beyond the maze...


With Game of Thrones getting ready for one last hurrah, it’s vital for HBO to quickly establish a new flagship show. Its sci-fi opus Westworld, then, would be the most likely contender to take on that particular torch.

Sky-high production values? Check. A sprawling cast of heavy-hitters? Check. An engrossing, rich setting? Emphatic check. Mind-shattering twists and turns that spur on an entire community of fans devoted to puzzling out a myriad of riddles? You see where this is going.

With the first season finale unleashing a plethora of now-deadly androids eager to stick it to the proverbial man, you could say that viewers are in anticipation of some significant fallout occurring when season two premieres on Sunday.

While legions of fans will be meticulously studying every shot, trying to decipher the show’s existing mysteries and those still to come, there are certain things that need to be delivered sooner rather than later, and in a satisfying, non-ambiguous manner.

It was a terrific first season, but certain characters and elements stood out above the others. These are the aspects which need to be highlighted and expanded upon even more in the show’s sophomore year. Even though fans might expect certain directions to be taken, that won’t reduce the impact they’ll have upon landing.

While mystery is an essential part of the show, for the good of Westworld, these things simply need to happen over the next ten episodes.

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