Westworld Season 2 Episode 3: 11 Big Questions After 'Virtu E Fortuna'

9. How Much Is Dolores Now Wyatt? Is She Invincible?

Westworld Bernard Dolores

Speaking of Dolores, she's been a little out of sorts this season. As in, on the murderous, vengeful, righteous path to a whole new world, instead of the sweet rancher's daughter of Season 1.

This is down to Ford's narrative and the fact she is truly Wyatt now, but in her interactions with Peter Abernathy, her father, we see a lot of the old Dolores shine through. It's not just that she remembers, but that she really cares. So how much of Dolores is now Wyatt, and how much of the old Dolores still exists in there?

Also with Dolores, after her turn against the Confederados, we see her riding through a hail of bullets as if they weren't even there. We've heard the hosts are now harder to kill, but is Dolores now *impossible* to kill?

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