What We Do In The Shadows TV Show Includes A Hilarious Blade Cameo

Taika Waititi's vampiric sitcom is already off to a brilliant start.

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What We Do in the Shadows was a great film directed by Taika Waititi that everyone should go watch (right now, preferably). The mockumentary revolved around a vampire flat-share in New Zealand, and it was so well received that a TV spin-off then followed it this year.

Airing on FX, the series revolves around a new group of vampires who live in a flat-share on Staten Island. The latest episode, called 'The Trial', saw the new trio of bloodsuckers brought before the Vampiric Council regarding the murder of Baron Afanas. Waititi's Viago then introduces a member of the council who's calling in via Skype, and it's none other than Wesley Snipes himself.

Snipes' most famous role was of course the vampire-hunter Blade, Marvel's preeminent supernatural superhero who fans have been desperate to see on screen again at some point in the future. It's worth pointing out that Snipes isn't actually Blade in the latest episode - he's literally himself - but it's still a great callback to one of the actor's most iconic appearances.

As you can probably guess, most of the other vampires present don't take too kindly to Snipes' presence. Tilda Swinton, Paul Reubens and Danny Trejo all cameo in the episode too, with the latter two in particular taking huge grievance with 'Wesley' being allowed to have a say.

If anything though, Snipes' cameo reiterates his commitment to the Blade character. He's spoken repeatedly of his desire to reprise the role in the MCU, while both the actor's camp and Marvel's have confirmed talks have taken place in the past.


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