Why Arrow Just Got Cancelled

The DC TV show will end after a shortened eighth season.

Arrow Cancelled
The CW

Arrow, you have failed this network.

Ok, not really, because the show is currently in the midst of its seventh season, but it has now been announced that The CW have decided to end the series, with Arrow coming to a close after an abbreviated final season.

Launched back in 2012, it's worth remembering that Arrow really helped change the game for superheroes on television. This was three years before Netflix would debut Daredevil, and even a year before Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The most well-known superhero series then was Smallville, but Arrow arrived to put a much darker, Nolan-inspired, action-packed spin on the genre.

Running at a time when The Dark Knight trilogy had wrapped-up, and comic books on the big screen were dominated by the much lighter MCU, it was a much-needed alternative for its first two seasons, which remain a high-point for the Arrowverse and the genre as a whole. It's massively wavered in quality since those first couple of years, but it has spawned an entire shared universe, and managed to bounce back from its lowest points. Still, it's hard to argue that it should continue beyond Season 8, and there are a number of reasons why The CW have decided to wrap it up.


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