William Shatner Shatnered Himself Onstage At Destination Star Trek

The juggernaut that is Destination Star Trek London continues to  chug along at the Excel Center in London. With the…

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The juggernaut that is Destination Star Trek London continues to  chug along at the Excel Center in London. With the opening ceremony out of the way, the various actors from Star Trek have been holding individual talk sessions all day where they rolled out antidotes about their careers and  answered fan questions.

Avery Brooks (Sisko) was first up. Anyone who has seen Brooks being interviewed will know that he has a very unique and ambiguous way of answering questions. This prompted an audience member to ask if he smoked a verity of plant that is know to give you a calm and “out there” demeanour. But he refused to answer that question and appeared to look annoyed at being asked it.

Later, Walter Koenig came out on stage to do his talk to the Star Trek theme tune. Rolling his eyes, he stated that he’s had enough of hearing that music and that they will probably play it at his funeral.

He went on to say that Chekov as a character was nothing more than a “function” i.e a tool to progress the story. He said that apart from Kirk, Spock and McCoy, all the other characters the just that. Koenig also stated that his role as Alfred Bester in Babylon 5 was far more satisfying as an actor and that he got on with everyone who worked on that show, an obvious dig at William Shatner.

Vetran actor and Star Trek regular David Warner also held a talk that covered everything from Tron to the Omen to Star Trek. When commenting on his role as Gul Madred in the awesome Next Generation episode Chain Of Command, he told the audience that he only got the memorable role after another actor dropped out. He only had three days to prepare and didn’t have enough time to learn his lines. So during the shoot, crew had to hold up cue cards with his lines so that he could read them, Brando style.

He also said that he was very fond of his role in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 because he wasn’t playing a villian. But he refused to talk about the upcoming Dr Who episode he is staring in.

The highlight was William Shatner’s talk who reeled off stories about his charity work, horses, Leonard Nimoy and his love for the wonders of the universe in general. He also told the audience about an unfortunate accident he had on stage when he was performing his one-man-show on Broadway.

It was the evening before the opening night and William Shatner got a very bad case off food poisoning from eating a burger. Worried that he won’t be able to perform, he made it through the first night without an issue. However on the second night, he shat himself while on stage and had to tell the audience that there was a “technical problem” which brought him enough time to run to his dressing room and have a shower. While not the nicest story to tell an audience, Shatner could see the funny side of it and made everyone laugh. He said it was something he has never told anyone before.

Patrick Stewart and Scott Bakula are on tomorrow.