You Won't Believe Gotham's Joker

Look out, Gotham! Joker's back in town.

Gotham is coming to a close this month, and it's looking to go out with a bang. Not only will Bruce Wayne finally suit up as the Dark Knight, he'll be joined by his arch-nemesis the Joker. While it's unclear if David Mazouz will reprise the role of Bruce for the finale - which will be set 10 years in the future - it has now been confirmed that Cameron Monaghan will in fact play the older Joker.

Fox unveiled a teaser for the Clown Prince's debut overnight, showcasing Monaghan in Arkham before flashing forward to him in his all purple get-up with a batarang lodged in his hand. Cast judgement on the look at your own peril, but to say it is an... unconventional take would be putting things lightly.

For starters, this new Joker has lost most of his hair. That in itself is fine of course, and the makeup and costume look great too, but the prosthetic chin is a slight distraction. It's admirable that Gotham is trying to retain all of the Clown Prince's uncanny features of course, but the fake chin might be a little overkill.

Gotham Joker Portrait

Fortunately for fans of the series, it looks as though the fact Gotham was forced to accelerate its plans hasn't impacted on what it'll be able to do in the finale. It would've been a spectacular anti-climax were the show to end without at least sending Bruce off on his travels, so the fact that fans will get the chance to see him actually back in the city as a burgeoning crimefighter is a big deal. At least as long as they get it right.

All that's left to be shown now is the Batsuit in full detail. Fans managed to get a close up of the cowl's behind last week, and it may even be the case that Gotham saves the surprise until the first part of the finale airs April 18.

Either way, with a grey-haired and spectacled Gordon, a costumed Clown Prince and a fully decked out Dark Knight all making their way to the show, it's probable that Gotham fans are experiencing mixed emotions. On one hand, all these famous Batman characters will appear under their most iconic guises; on the other, it'll be for the very last time.

At the very least, even those who don't particularly like the show must surely appreciate what it's achieving with its last two episodes. It'll mark the first appearance in actual decades since a live action Joker/Batman appeared on the small screen, and even though it's coming to an end, at least the series looks as though it's managed to finish its story in its own, inane, not-so-beautiful way.


What do you think of Gotham's future Joker? Let us know in the comments below.

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