Young Justice: Outsiders – 7 Major Questions After Episodes 4-6

A rescue op, relationship, and resurrection left us in serious need of some answers.

DC Universe

Contains spoilers from Young Justice: Outsiders Episodes 4, 5 and 6.

After returning strong with its season premiere last week, Young Justice: Outsiders has debuted its next three offerings on DC Universe. Much like their trio of predecessors, these episodes gave us some much-needed insight into what is going inside the heads of certain characters while teasing us with the major events that are still to come.

Adopting a more standalone approach, in contrast to last week's three-part story, the writers used each of these separate adventures to slow things down and expand upon some of the deeper-rooted stories they have been teasing us with. Due to this, we learned a little more about Dick's unusual behaviour, understood why M'Gann is comfortable with her new appearance and discovered why Barbara Gordon has taken on the Oracle persona.

'Private Security', 'Away Mission', and 'Rescue Op' may have taken diversions from the show's overall story to provide us with answers to the questions posed last week, but it was their intentional ambiguity when it came to that overall narrative that left us in need of even more answers. Contains spoilers.


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