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7 MIA Game Of Thrones Characters (Whose Fates Will Probably Never Be Revealed)

174,373 deaths have been shown, but these are still alive somewhere.
By Alex Antliff

8 Stories Amazon's Lord Of The Rings Could Tell

You shall not pass... up the chance to adapt these stories.
By Mark Langshaw

Amazon Wants Lord Of The Rings To Be The Next Game Of Thrones

One TV show to rule them all.
By James Hunt
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Star Wars: 9 Ideas For The New Trilogy & TV Show

A long, LONG time ago...
By James Hunt

10 TV Shows Which Eerily Predicted The Future

President Trump! Doh!
By Mark Langshaw
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Why There'll Be No More Netflix Marvel TV Shows

Let's set the record straight.
By Ewan Paterson

Stranger Things 2: 9 Big Questions We Need Answering In Season 3

#JusticeForBob, anyone?
By Christian Bone
+ Film

A Live-Action Star Wars TV Show Is Actually Happening (Again)

Breathe. Just breathe.
By James Hunt

12 Biggest Unanswered Game Of Thrones Mysteries

To go forward you must go back.
By James Hunt

So The Simpsons Predicted Disney Buying Fox Too

Another win for Springfield's soothsayers.
By Simon Gallagher

The Walking Dead Season 8: 4 Ups And 4 Downs From 'Monsters'

Of monsters and men.
By James Hunt

The Simpsons: 10 Hidden Jokes Everybody Missed

Secret gags! Woo-hoo!
By Mark Langshaw

Game Of Thrones: 18 Actors Who Were Replaced

All men must be replaced...
By Simon Gallagher

Stranger Things Season 2: Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best

Is there anyone better than Dustin?
By James Hunt

13 Upcoming New HBO Series To Be Excited About

By James Hunt

Stranger Things Season 2: 27 Biggest WTF Moments

The strangest things from Season 2.
By James Hunt

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The Walking Dead Season 8: 5 Ups And 4 Downs From 'The Damned'

Trust the King.
By James Hunt

Stranger Things Season 2: What The Ending Really Means

New powers, new haircuts, same old threat...
By Simon Gallagher

10 Scariest TV Episodes To Watch This Halloween

Can't even shout, can't even cry...
By James Hunt

Stranger Things Season 2 Review: 9 Ups And 3 Downs

Harder, better, faster, Stranger.
By James Hunt

Stranger Things Season 2: 10 Best Moments

Who you gonna call?
By Jack Pooley

Every Star Trek TV Series Ranked From Worst To Best

The franchise has lived long, but has it always prospered?
By Noah Dominguez

The Walking Dead: 10 Best Episodes

The standard has been set for season eight...
By Joe Fish

Netflix's 20 Most Binge-Watched Shows Ranked Worst To Best

Are you still watching? Hell yes!
By James Hunt

The Walking Dead Season 8: 8 Things You Might've Missed In Episode 1

“Let me ask you something, Rick”...
By Joe Fish

Star Trek Discovery: 10 Awesome Villains They Should've Used Instead

Fortune favours the bold, not the boring...
By Connor J. Smith

9 Scenes You Won’t Believe Were Cut From The Walking Dead

Rick's hand may have been spared the chop, but this stuff wasn't.
By Mark Langshaw

Game Of Thrones: 9 Best Ways To Show Your Tormund Love

The Wildling Prince of our hearts.
By Simon Gallagher
+ Comics

Gotham: 10 Things You Need To Know About Professor Pyg

Oink oink.
By Ewan Paterson

The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere: Who Is Siddiq?

The mysterious man from the gas station, explained.
By James Hunt