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Classic Simpsons Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Springfield's Golden Age? quiz

You fail quiz? That's unpossible!
By Connor J. Smith

Doctor Who: Ranking All 13 Doctors From Worst To Best

From Hartnell to Whittaker, who reigns supreme?
By Danny Meegan

15 BEST Game Of Thrones Season 8 Theories

The last minute suggestions you need to see.
By Simon Gallagher

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Or The Vampire Diaries Quiz: Who Said It - Buffy Or Elena? quiz

Which side do you think rules the vampire world, Team Buffy or Team Elena?
By Kurt Howes

Power Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Know James St. Patrick AKA Ghost? quiz

Venture into the 'Big Rich Town'!
By Sarah Myatt

Once Upon A Time Quiz: Who Said It, Regina Or Emma ? User quiz

Can you remember who said these quotes?
By Diana Hope

Batman Quiz: Which Cinematic Dark Knight Said It? quiz

Only the World's Greatest Detective could identify these quotes.
By Michael Patterson

Sopranos Quiz: How Were These Characters Whacked? User quiz

Sopranos characters now sleeping with the fishes. How did they get to be wearing a pine overcoat?…
By Theresa Murphy

9 TV Show Reboots That Were Mercifully Cancelled

Your next box-set binge, these ain't.
By Jacob Trowbridge

Friends Quiz: Complete The Quote And Prove You're The Ultimate Fan quiz

Have you been there for them?
By Jen Gallie

Gotham Season 5: 4 Ups & 1 Down From 'They Did What?'

The Fox series returns to begins its goodbye, doing so with a stunning penultimate episode.
By Stephen Patterson

Game Of Thrones Quiz: House Stark - True Or False? quiz

How well do you know the residents of Winterfell?
By Kurt Howes

Riverdale Season 3: 3 Ups & 5 Downs From 'Jawbreaker'

Here we go again...
By Michael Patterson

What Happened Next? 10 Planned Seasons Of Cancelled TV Shows

And yes, Fox cancelled four of them...
By Baz Greenland

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Premiere Quiz: Who Said It? quiz

When you play the Game of Quotes, you win or you lie...
By Stephen Patterson

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Lucifer? User quiz

How well do you really know the Devil itself?
By Adrian Gabriel

Game Of Thrones Quiz: Who Said It, Littlefinger Or Varys? quiz

Was it the former Master of Coin or was it the Master of Whisperers that said it?
By Kurt Howes

What Game Of Thrones Owes To George Lucas

"How about he says 'How-zee doo-zee? Mee-sah Three Eyed Raven'?"
By Simon Gallagher

10 Outrageous Ways Famous TV Characters Came Back From The Dead

They were dead, but they got better.
By Padraig Cotter

8 Cheapest Season Finale Cliffhangers In TV History

To be continued...
By Josh Brown

The Walking Dead Quiz: How Well Do You Know Carol Peletier? User quiz

By Kieran Keogh

The Flash Season 5: 6 Ups & 2 Downs From 'Godspeed'

The Flash returns with a real game-changer.
By Michael Patterson

How Well Do You Remember Smallville? quiz

The show ended eight years ago, so let's see how well you remember it.
By Peter Woolley

Game Of Thrones Quiz: House Lannister - True Or False? quiz

Can you tell if these house Lannister facts are the truth or just a load of nonsense?
By Kurt Howes

Doctor Who: Every Doctor's First Episode gallery

Thirteen Doctors, Thirteen opening episodes - how many have you watched?
By Tom Bedworth

Arrow Season 7: What Does The Ending To ‘Lost Canary’ Really Mean?

The real Black Canary has finally arrived!
By Michael Patterson

The ULTIMATE Santa Clarita Diet Quiz. User quiz

Show Sheila That Your Brain Is More Than A Snack By Acing this 'Santa Santa Clarita,' Diet Quiz!…
By Dylan Rush

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Premiere: How Closely Were You Watching 'Winterfell'? quiz

Will you get a frosty reception from the Winterfell folk when you take this quiz?
By Stephen Patterson

The Vampire Diaries Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Witches ? User quiz

Walking The Streets Of Mystic Falls You Could Be A Vampire, Werewolf, Or Witch.
By Diana Hope

The ULTIMATE Dexter Quiz User quiz

This quiz is perfect for any Dexter fans just trying to *kill* some time.
By Dylan Rush