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20 Best 2017 Netflix Original TV Series - Ranked From Worst To Best

But seriously...who drew the dicks?
By Jack Pooley

Every Upcoming Netflix Original Series Of 2018 - Ranked By Anticipation

Are you still watching?
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14 Best TV Sex Scenes Of 2017

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10 Upcoming TV Show Reboots (And Their Chances Of Survival)

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Black Mirror: Every Major Plot Twist Ranked From Worst To Best

Will this list have a twist ending?
By Christian Bone

13 New TV Characters We Can't Wait To Meet In 2018

Looking Sharp, Amy Adams.
By James Hunt

10 Problems With Westworld Nobody Wants To Admit

The Next Game of Thrones? Err....
By Robin Baxter

9 Characters Who Saved Failing TV Shows

Knights in shining prop armor.
By Jacob Trowbridge
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10 Fantasy Series That Could Be The Next Game Of Thrones

Get ready to binge your eyes out with these awesome ready-for-TV series.
By Tara Giovannini

12 Most Rewatchable TV Shows Of All Time

Watch it again.
By James Hunt

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Altered Carbon Review: 7 Ups & 3 Downs

Blade Runner: The Series. More or less.
By Jack Pooley

Westworld Season 2: 12 Biggest Questions We Need Answers To

Bring yourself back online...
By Tom Rolls

10 Best TV Shows Due To Return In 2018

Just like Arnie in The Terminator, they will be back.
By Mark Langshaw
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12 Awesome Moments From Super Bowl 2018 Trailers

Who doesn't need more Jeff Goldblum in their life?
By Jack Pooley

Game Of Thrones: 8 Changes To The Books That Were Completely Justified

The books are better... except on these occasions.
By James Hunt

8 Things The Walking Dead Must Fix In Season 8 Part B

All-out course correction.
By Mark Langshaw

9 TV Shows That Left Huge Unanswered Questions Behind

Unresolved issues from series recent and classic.
By Mark Langshaw

5 Times Black Mirror Came True

When chilling dystopian nightmares become a reality. 
By Joe Parker
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Super Bowl 2018: 8 Major Reveals From The Trailers

A whole new (West)world.
By James Hunt