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Iron Fist: 10 Reasons It's A Massive Disappointment

The MCU's first stumble.
By Jack Pooley

20 Most Hotly Anticipated TV Scenes Of 2017

"Come in and try our new curly fries, we're sure you'll like them."
By James Hunt

13 Things Fox Wants You To Forget About The Simpsons

"We'll fake it, and sell it to the Fox network!" "They'll buy anything!"
By James Hunt

Marvel's Iron Fist: 10 Spoiler Free Reactions To First Six Episodes

Danny Rand? More like Danny BLAND, amirite?
By James Hunt
+ Comics

Marvel's Iron Fist: 44 Easter Eggs & Reference You Must See

And yes, of course Stan Lee's in it...
By Simon Gallagher
+ Film

Marvel Cinematic Universe: 10 New Villains To Watch Out For In 2017

Ego running wild?
By Geoff Cox

The Walking Dead Season 7: 9 Things That Will (Probably) Happen Next

Things are finally looking up for The Walking Dead, but what will happen as it nears the end of S7?…
By James Hunt

12 New TV Characters We Can't Wait To Meet In 2017

From a piece of the Marvel puzzle to a God, a lot of incredible characters are on their way. 
By James Hunt

Game Of Thrones: 10 Most Powerful Characters Going Into Season 7

In Westeros, first you get the wildfire, then you get the power, then you get the women. 
By James Hunt

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 12: Ranking Every Episode From Worst To Best

The sun never sets on the city of Philly, it seems. Not even after a decade.
By Noah Dominguez

Agents Of SHIELD Season 4: 15 Characters Who Need To Return

From fallen friends to missing enemies, which characters from the show's past deserve one last ride?…
By Geoff Cox

Marvel's Iron Fist Review: 3 Ups And 7 Downs

The final Defender arrives at last, but it wasn't exactly worth the wait.
By James Hunt

The OA: 9 Crazy Fan Theories That Might Actually Be True

Is any of this real? Is it all a lie? These theories will keep you busy until Season 2 arrives. …
By James Hunt

10 TV Characters Who Just Disappeared

Why bother writing out a character when they can just vanish.
By Andrew Young

8 Reasons Why Netflix Is Better Than Amazon Prime Video

The fight for your subscription wages on...
By Liam Lambert

Fargo Season 3: 8 Things We Already Know

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ewan McGregor's moustache, and a whole lotta murder...
By Liam Lambert

Game Of Thrones Season 7: Everything We Know So Far

We know when Season 7 is coming, and that the Great War (and winter) is coming with it.
By James Hunt

A Series Of Unfortunate Events Season 2: 10 Miserable Fan Theories You Don't Want To See

Various fan derivations ahead of the truly terrible, sickening second season.
By James Hunt

10 TV Shows That Chose The Wrong Main Character

Sometimes the main character isn't necessarily the best character.
By Andrew Young

Game Of Thrones: 9 Things We Learned From The SXSW 2017 Panel

Musical cameos, hints towards Seasons 7 and 8, and of course a lot of talk about death.
By James Hunt